Sat. May 18th, 2024

Early call off for the 4s

Puddles on the square

While 2012 may be burnished in non-cricketers’ minds as the golden summer of the London Olympics, cricketers mostly remember it as the wettest summer for 100 years.  Your correspondent recalls that the predecessors to the Carlton 4th XI,  then trading under the name the All Stars, fulfilled only 9 of their 18 fixtures; and they were lucky to get as many, some clubs played as few as 5.  In the middle of the season there was a spell of 5 consecutive weeks where the All Stars were idle.  When finally reunited many had to be reintroduced, so unfamiliar were they to each other.


2019 looks like it will rival 2012 in overall wetness – June is already in the scorebook as the wettest on record and weathermen expect  August also to find a place in the record books.  The only thing that has been dry at Grange Loan this year is the commanding figure of the professional.  Indeed there is unkind speculation that the powers that be in the club might have provoked the precipitation by inviting a player with such a name.  For the weather gods do not like to have the mickey taken.


It therefore came as no surprise when the Carlton Positively 4th XI’s match with league leaders Dunfermline Carnegie was cancelled on Friday morning.  As is the way of these things, as soon as the notice of cancellation was issued, the sun came out.  They may not like having it taken but the weather gods certainly enjoy taking it themselves.


A rainy day off for the cricketer should be seen as an opportunity to do something different.  Something creative and life affirming. In the way of the many guides for rainy day activities for kids that any internet search will find, here is a handy guide of such creative and life affirming things for cricketers to do on a rainy day.


Slouch around the house.


Eat the empire biscuits intended for cricket tea…….


………er that’s it.