Sun. May 26th, 2024

Jappy Trophy

Jimmy Jappy was a stalwart of Carlton who was first elected to Council in 1947. He held virtually every office of the club at some point over the next 33 years and worked tirelessly around the Club.

Jimmy spent his working life at a sweet factory on Causewayside, but seemed to do more work at Grange Loan than for his employer.  He could be found preparing wickets, tidying-up, umpiring, serving on the club’s council and carrying out a myriad of often unseen, unsung tasks –  the sort that keep every cricket club going.

It was fitting, if distressing, that Jimmy, who was Honorary President at the time, passed away at the club’s annual dinner in 1980.  It was decided to present an award in his honour, recognising those individuals who, like Jimmy, make an outstanding contribution to the club.

An individual can only win the Trophy once.

2023David SimpsonJunior Coaching and General Assistance
2022Amelia BeattieJunior Committee and Fixture Secretary
2021Steven GilmourClub Captain and Club Coach
2020Carlton C.C.General response by members to the Covid-19 pandemic
2019Kerry SimpsonJunior Convenor
2018Fraser WattsClub captain and development coach
2017Shaun Barrett5th XI captain
2016Bob Irvine4th XI captain, team organisation, groundwork & fundraising
2015Kirstin EverettJunior social convener
2014Brad McKayClub treasurer & 2nd XI captain
2013Eric EdwardsGirls' cricket
2012John BoydJunior Convener & website
2011Alan MurrayYouth development in senior cricket
2010Martin FlynnClub Secretary & umpire
2009Alistair DuncanJunior Coaching
2008Lynne ForresterClub & Scotland scorer
2007Sharon MurrayTreasurer
2006Brent Lockie2nd XI captain
2005Cedric EnglishClub captain
2004Jean CrabbieBenefactor
2003G ReidGroundwork
2002Don & Mrs Nan BarwickGeneral assistance and tea-lady
2001Martin RobertsonFixture Secretary
2000Gavin ScottJunior Convener
1999Ann McConnellHouse & Bar Convener
1998Chris PaulClub scorer, treasurer & groundwork
1997Dr I BaxterMembership Secretary & Junior Coaching
1996Richard BannermanClub Secretary
1995Andy MacphersonClub Captain
1994David WattsJunior Convener
1993C G A BattenCommittee & Groundwork
1992Miss M WilsonTea Lady
1991Alun Davies Club President, Captain & groundwork
1990Peter NettletonJunior Coaching
1989Hugh ParkerClub Captain & groundwork
1988Margaret MastertonBenefactor
1987R F SalomonGroundwork
1986A P CrerarHouse & Bar Convener
1985David RaistrickTreasurer
1984Alasdair McLeodBar Convener & Groundwork
1983Russell Weir2nd XI Captain
1982Brian ForresterGeneral assistance
1981Richard SwanClub & Scotland Captain, and Groundwork