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2023 Membership

Senior playing membership

Senior playing registration is handled through Pitchero.

2023 Fees summary

Senior members £260

All Senior players are asked to pay the same subscription rate. Any senior player who has played six or fewer league and cup matches at the end of the season can ask for a refund of £95.  (Friendly games are not included in the count of six or fewer.)  Please contact Martin Firth through Pitchero to ask for this refund.

Women’s team members £135

Student members £160

Students who are aware that they will only be available for part of the season due to educational commitments should contact Martin Firth through Pitchero for confirmation of the appropriate pro-rated subscription rate.

Very Occasional Players £20 per match

Players can opt to pay £20 per match instead of playing subs, if all of the following are true.

    • They must be either parents of juniors, or non-playing members
    • They can play no more than 4 matches in a season
    • They do not attend training.


  • Subs are payable in 4 equal instalments on 1 February, March, April and May.  Players who have not fully paid subs by 1 May are not eligible for selection.
  • Playing subs include all league and cup match fees, ball costs, and the costs of ground hire for home matches which are not played at Grange Loan.
  • Players selected for 1st and 2nd XIs will contribute directly to the cost of teas at home fixtures on a pay-as-you play basis, at a cost of £5 per match.

Junior playing membership

Junior subs are covered in Junior subscriptions 2023.

Non-playing membership

Please visit the link below to non-playing membership form.

Non-playing membership form

2023 Fees summary

Non-playing members £55 (£40 for over 60s)

Dog walkers £130 (£115 for over 60s)


  • If you are unable to complete an online form, or would prefer not to, please contact our Membership Secretary Brian Forrester on
  • For playing membership queries please email our junior membership secretary Martin Firth at


In the first instance please check out our Frequently Asked Questions on the links below:

Non-Playing Memberships FAQs

Dog-Walking Memberships FAQs

For all other enquiries, please email our Membership Secretary Brian Forrester on

New Members

Senior players

We are accepting new members of an appropriate level.  Please contact:

Junior players

See for more information about our junior section.  Please contact for further details.

Non-playing members

We are always keen to attract new non-playing members to Carlton, those who would like to watch cricket, enjoy a social drink, or just stroll around our beautiful ground. Please complete the relevant form above or email Brian Forrester on for more information.