Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Rain renders 4s’ existence meaningless


A night of heavy rain continuing into the morning made inevitable an early decision to cancel this week’s foray of the Carlton Positively 4th XI for league points in the ultra-super-elite ESCA Positively 4th Division.  Frustrating for cricketers; but more so for those unsung heroes of Carlton’s selection process who find their long hours of devotedly assembling players in the requisite numbers to be ultimately for no purpose.  It is just this experience that confirmed to the great existential philosopher and team organizer Jean Paul Sartre the meaningless of the universe.   Existence is absurd and life has no sense, no purpose, no explanation.  Sartre’s life might have been made easier had Teamer been available to him but then the course of Western philosophy would have been radically different.

For others, less inclined to the philosophical, the cancellation of a Positivelys’ match – even as mouthwatering a prospect as this week’s scheduled encounter with Drummond Trinity 2, fellow promotees to the ultra-super- elite – is a source of some comfort , if not celebration.  Thus are they relieved of the need to read a rambling match report which seems to contain scant clues as to what events might have taken place. The time saved can be put to productive use and the impact on the nation’s GDP is evident.  It is no surprise that a Treasury think tank is rumoured to be investigating the mandatory cancellation of Positivelys matches to give the economy the boost it needs to recover from years of austerity.

What will readers do with these extra hours this week?  Given the sad passing earlier in the week of Doris Day, it is likely that any match report produced might have contained many references to her song catalogue.  Readers may feel relieved or disappointed to have missed out on such a treat.  Readers  might however use the extra hours they now have to  look at this link – someone else noted the significance of Doris Day to the cricketer.

The Positivelys face the arduous journey to Craiglockhart next week to take on the challenge of Watsonians 3.  A keenly fought contest is in prospect and a full match report can be expected.  Que ser, sera.