Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Threes get off the mark

Carlton 3s at Cavalry Park 2

After two away games, the 3’s played their first ‘home’ match at the Cavalry Park artificial, surely cricket’s field of dreams.

Losing the toss, Accies sent Carlton in and a good opening start from Ben and Zaki made the most of the short boundaries. Then suddenly it was 26/3 before an excellent rebuilding job from Ben and new boy Johnny Bryson who put on 80. An illegal drinks break was the undoing of both of them (Ben 54) before a hard hitting 40 from Rua McIntyre got the 3’s to 174 all out in the last over.

On a small ground, this may not have been enough but Ahmed Shah made a welcome return with two early wickets. Combined with excellent fielding yet again, the pressure was constantly on Accies and they never recovered, being all out for 107. Two wickets each for Ahmed, Rob and Rua and a couple of run outs. Rua completed a fine game with a stunning catch and nicely rehearsed celebration.

Threes are off the mark and onto Largo next week.

Brad McKay