Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020


As regular national trophy winners, we command a healthy slice of national press coverage. Carlton draws widespread coverage in both the printed and online media, and we celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2013. Our relationship with local sports reporters helps us to ensure that coverage makes mention of key sponsors and commercial partners wherever possible and appropriate.

Income from sponsorship and advertising is a vital element in the funding of our coaching programme throughout the summer.  With an estimated 12,000 active cricketers of all ages in Scotland and with popularity rising due to the success of the Twenty:20 game, cricket has a higher sporting profile than ever before. As a leading club, we’re naturally keen to attract commercial partners to share in our success and to help us fund ambitious projects vital to the future development of the club and our young players.

Hosting the best quality club cricket in Scotland, Grange Loan provides a prestigious marketing opportunity with convenient parking and proximity to the City centre. All ground advertising remains in place during the cricket season and is prominently displayed to club members, visiting spectators and players as well as parents of Carlton’s various junior teams and their opposition.

There are a number of opportunities available:

  • Senior club sponsorship (includes logo on senior club shirts)
  • Women’s team sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of the junior section (includes logo on all junior polo shirts)
  • Boundary Advertising
  • Match Sponsorship
  • Programme/Website Advertising

To enquire about any of these areas, or to discuss any other commercial ideas, please email Nick at