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Junior subscriptions 2023

Junior subscriptions have been considerably simplified compared to previous years.

“Junior” means a child playing for a junior team, ie born after 1st September 2006.  Juniors will often play for senior teams too, but they remain juniors while they are still playing for a junior team.

If you have any questions on subscriptions, please contact Martin Firth through Pitchero, or at juniormembers@carltoncc.co.uk.

Paying your subscription

We collect subscriptions through Pitchero, in 4 equal monthly payments due non 1 February, March, April and May.  Your subscription payment will be assigned to you through Pitchero.  To pay it:

If you need any additional explanation, or you think we have assigned the wrong subscription to you, please contact Martin Firth.

Subscription rates

Squads Subs Notes
Carlton Cubs (P1) To be determined
Softball (P2-P5 and Girls) £110 1
Under-12 development £110/£135 1,2
Hardball (Girls, U12, U14 & U16) £135 1,3
Uplift for playing senior cricket £50 4


  1. All softball, under-12 development and under-12 players receive a playing shirt included in their subscription.
  2. Players in the under-12 development squad initially pay £110.  If they are invited to join an under-12 team, they will be asked for a £25 uplift to match the hardball subscription.
  3. Players in Girls hardball, U14 and U16 squad also need to purchase a playing shirt.  These are available through Pitchero.  The club has a limited number of shirts which can be loaned to players who do not have one.
  4. Older junior players often join senior training and play in senior league teams.  These players are asked for an additional £50 subscription.  Players for senior teams need a club playing shirt – which is different from the junior playing shirt.  These can be purchased from Bruntsfield Sports – see https://carltoncc.co.uk/playing-and-leisure-wear/.