Sat. May 18th, 2024

Info & Signup



WELCOME to the new Carlton Fantasy League. 


The league is mainly for raising a bit of money, getting people involved in other teams in the club and having some fun!  The new system is about equalling out the playing field so that everyone now has a similar chance of winning regardless of how much time and scouting you put in. Please read the regulations carefully and then enter the team using the form at the end.


  • To be entered into the league each entrant must pay £5


  • Each player will select a squad of 11 players with a budget of £100 Million


  • Each team will have 4 batters, 4 bowlers, a wicket keeper, 2 all rounders. The team must consist of one womens player as a minimum, and no more than 2 1st XI players (1st XI squad stated clearly in the team selection form). The entrant will select a captain who earns double points. The captain cannot be changed unless a wildcard is used.


  • Each players squad will consist of 11 players which will stay the same until a wildcard is used.


  • Each player will get 3 wildcards where an unlimited amount of transfers can be made and the ability to change their captain. No transfers or captaincy changes can be made unless a wildcard is used.


  • Each player is allowed to use a wildcard on 3 specific occasions. One will be available following the end of Gameweek 3 and before the start of Gameweek 4. The second will be available following the end of Gameweek 7 and before the start of Gameweek 8. The final one will be available following the end of Gameweek 11 and before the start of Gameweek 12.


  • The fantasy league will consist of 15 gameweeks (On three occasions the 1st XI will play twice in a gameweek. The Double GWs will be GW9, GW13, GW15. Full Fantasy Fixtures Here. )



  • During the transfer window there will be a flash news page on the website found at the top of the home page of the website. That page will have a link to the form where changes can be made.


  • Points will be awarded based on being selected to play on the weekend, wickets, maidens, runs, 50s, 100s, 3-fers and 5-fers. Full points system here.


  • Men’s and Women’s League games and Women’s cup are the only games that will be eligible for points in the fantasy league.


  • A prize will be awarded to the winner at the end of season dinner / awards night, more details to follow. 2nd and 3rd will also win a small prize.


  • Payments can be made through Pitchero or by bank transfer or hand your £5 to Alan Murray for your team to be entered into the league.