When the Aussie skipper lost his teeth to a Carlton legend

Imagine Fraser “Fraggle” Watts inviting Ricky Ponting and his mates for a night-out during an Ashes tour … and imagine the evening ending with the Aussie skipper losing three of his teeth at the hands of the Carlton man.

Well, rewind 80 years, change the personalities … and that is precisely what happened one night in Edinburgh in 1930. Legendary Carlton skipper Dr NL Stevenson relates the story in his book about the history of Carlton CC: ‘Play!’

“While the Australian team was in Edinburgh, I invited W. M. Woodfull (the captain), Alan Kippax, Victor Richardson, H. F.T. Heath and the Australian team manager to dinner.

During the meal Woodfull began to look very sorry for himself and it transpired that he had toothache. The pain became worse, and he asked me if it were possible to get some relief that night.

After a hint to Victor Richardson, I said I would go and telephone immediately. I put through a call to my own surgery and told my attendant I would be round very soon. And, to the Australian captain’s surprise, he presently found himself a patient of his erstwhile host, with his fellow diners all anxious to assist.

There were some hilarious preliminaries ; but I quickly got to business and achieved what must be a unique feat - I took three Woodfull's "stumps" at once!”




















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