Senior Carlton Playing Statistics

2017 averages - 1st to 5th XI

1st XI batting 1st XI bowling 1st XI catches 1st XI keeping 1st XI season summary
Women's Batting Women's bowling Women's catches Women's keeping Women's season summary
2nd XI batting 2nd XI bowling 2nd XI catches 2nd XI keeping 2nd XI season summary
3rd XI batting 3rd XI bowling 3rd XI catches 3rd XI keeping 3rd XI season summary
4th XI batting 4th XI bowling 4th XI catches 4th XI keeping 4th XI season summary
5th XI batting 5th XI bowling 5th XI catches 5th XI keeping 5th XI season summary


Historical averages - 1st to 5th XI

     1st XI batting 2000-2017      1st XI bowling 2000-2017    1st XI catches 2000-2017    1st XI keeping 2000-2017
     Women's batting 2012-2017 Women's bowling 2012-2017 Women's catches 2012-2017 Women's keeping 2012-2017
2nd XI bowling 2000-2017 2nd XI catches 2000-2017 2nd XI keeping 2000-2017
3rd XI batting 2000-2017 3rd XI bowling 2000-2017 3rd XI catches 2000-2017 3rd XI keeping 2000-2017
4th XI batting 2008-2017 4th XI bowling 2008-2017 4th XI catches 2008-2017 4th XI keeping 2008-2017
5th XI batting 2016-2017 5th XI bowling 2016-2017 5th XI catches 2016-2017 5th XI keeping 2016-2017


Carlton International Playing Statistics

List of players capped for their country while playing for Carlton