Player Lines

Rory Allardice

A little about yourself: I am Rory Allardice, aged 15 and I live just up the road from Carlton.  I was drawn in to cricket by my older brother Fraser and of course I wanted in on the action as many younger brothers do.

Role in Cricket: At the moment I am a right arm off spinner but hope to progress into more of an all rounder.

Best performance: Last season bowling figures of 4 for 15 while playing for the Eastern Knights under 15 team.  I was pleased with the performance as it was the best I had bowled all season and was a contributing factor in setting a relatively low target for our batsmen to chase down, which they did comfortably.  It also meant I could have a good rest in the very hot sun for the 2nd innings.

Best cricketing achievement to date:  The highlight of my cricketing career so far was playing at the Euros in Rugby for the under 15 Scotland team which was a great experience!

Cricketing aspirations: My cricketing aspirations are to become as good an off spinner as Graeme Swann (but a bit more of a team player) and finally to actually hit a 6!

Favourite International cricketer and why: My favourite international cricketer is probably AB De Villiers because of his great range of shot and his all round athleticism while playing. He also looks like he is enjoying himself and is having fun while he plays which I really like.

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: I am at school studying for upcoming exams.  I also play badminton in the Edinburgh Sports Academy and for Lothian which is good fun. My less serious sport is basketball which I play for fun as my skill is limited by my height!

Something a bit different about yourself:  I am a big fan of the Muppets  and own all of the Muppets films ever made ... well I did until Muppets Treasure Island was lent to Matt Wells over 2 years ago and I haven't seen it since!

Angus Beattie

Age: 13

Role in Cricket: Left-handed All-rounder.

Best performance:  Opening the bowling for the 2s last season and taking a wicket.  I was only 12 and hadn't played at that level before. Thankfully the ball was moving around a lot and I got one to swing into his off stump.

Best cricketing achievement to date: Being selected for the Eastern Knights U15 Squad

Cricketing aspirations: To play for Scotland, hopefully.

Favourite International cricketer and why: Ian Bell - he times the ball so well and makes it look easy.  Simon Jones -  the 2005 Ashes inspired me to play cricket and he was a great swing bowler.  Drummo - legend

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: I play football and basketball for James Gillespie's, and I play the saxophone.

Something a bit different about yourself: I'm left-handed but right-footed.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why:  I always feel welcome at Grange Loan.

Fraser Boyd

A little bit about you: Fraser Boyd, aged 22 and from Edinburgh. I joined Carlton as a junior when I was in primary school and progressed through the age groups and various XIs before taking a brief sabbatical to ply my trade at another Edinburgh club (not Grange, don’t worry). I’m now back at Carlton, much to the relief of Boyd senior who’s broken his silence and spoken to me
for the first time in 3 years.

Role in Cricket: Right-handed batsman/wicket-keeper

Best performance: Not my best performance runs/dismissals wise but a 2nd XI game in 2009 stands out and I’m sure all those playing remember it well too. We were away to Fauldhouse and fielding first. After some heated on-field exchanges during the first innings we started the chase, wickets fell and the local fans were convinced victory was theirs which they kindly reminded us of at every opportunity. Myself and Stevie Elder (batting 10 and 11, all part of the skipper’s plan he said) needed 30 off 17. I picked a good time to hit my first ever 6 in senior cricket and we got it down to 14 off the last over. Stevie then decided it would be a good time to hit his second ever 6 and we needed 2 to win off the last ball. Their bowler kindly bowled a halftracker which I hit for 4 to win us the game. The atmosphere, everything that happened during our fielding innings and the situation at the end made this the best game of cricket I’ve ever played in

Best cricketing achievement to date: Winning the league in 2012 (albeit not with Carlton and without playing much cricket!)

Cricketing aspirations: To play cricket at Carlton for as long as possible and hopefully pick up some trophies along the way.

Favourite International cricketer and why: Chayank Gosain for his tactile use of the new ball to bamboozle opening batsmen.

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: Job wise I’m currently a PE teacher at Broughton High School in Edinburgh. At the weekend I’m usually with the S1 football team or coaching future Carlton stars.

Something a bit different about yourself: After I was born I was in the same room as Andy Goram’s son. As a goalkeeping cricketer there were rumours of a mix up but when I stopped growing at 5’7 these rumours were quickly squashed.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: Despite having 4 XIs, a Women’s XI and a huge junior section everyone seems to know everyone which seems pretty unique to Carlton. The professionalism of the training means it’s a great environment to be in and there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience that players can tap in to. And obviously the teas.

Alex Fedenczuk

A little bit about you: Alex "Fedz" Fedenczuk, 22, International Relations student at the University of Edinburgh and originally from Edinburgh. Got invited down by the Barretts when I was about 15, loved the atmosphere and have stayed ever since!

Best Performance:
One of my few 50s, possibly the one at Grange Loan that I had to cut a ball up the hill to get there!

Best cricketing achievement to date:
Getting through a season captaining the 3s (with a lot of help from Ollie!).

Favourite international cricketer and why: Paul Collingwood. Gritty performer who battles through tough situations. Something I admire and try to do to overcome my own lack of skill!

Cricket aspirations:
Hopefully to improve and get into the 2nds! Possibly to have the confidence to bowl in a game in the near future.

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: I umpire hockey within Scotland and Europe. Hoping to become a full international umpire in the near future. Also a mad skiier.

Tell us something different about yourself: My family is all Polish and so I am fluent in it, shame about my English though!

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: The great atmosphere and the people higher up in the teams who are willing to help out anyone. My game has improved greatly thanks to many of the senior players!

Louie Gardiner

A little bit about you:  My name is Louie Gardiner, age 52 originally born in Lusaka, Zambia.  Father from Elgin; Mother’s family from Dollar though she was born in India!  I learned to play cricket in 1988, whilst living in Sheffield and only played for 4 years .  It was the first women’s club in the city.  I moved to Edinburgh in 2003 looking for a cricket club but there was none.  And when I looked again in 2012 I came across Carlton.  I loved that it had only just started and that I could be part of something just beginning.

Role in Cricket:  I am a batter who does a bit of bowling. I am a steady batter rather than fast and furious and tend to get most of my runs by having to run them!  Which is a bit of limitation as I get older and slower!

Best performance: To be honest I can’t really remember.  I did once get 80 runs during my time in Sheffield… but such distant times leave me with no real recollection!  I batted reasonably well in the Scottish Cup Semi-final which helped us get to the final.  That was pretty cool. And in one of our games last year I opened and stayed in for the whole innings.  And I always

get very excited when I take a wicket from bowling.  I think I got 3 wickets in one game last year!  

Best cricketing achievement to date:  Winning the Scottish Cup has to be the tops!  I know it is all relative and we are hardly at the top of the women’s game but this is a significant marker for us and for the club going forward.  We won because we played like a team giving our all and staying focused; because we were captained well (thanks to Helen) and we had strength in depth (even without Ollie who was on Scotland duties) which none of the other teams had on the day.  We have some real talent in the team and if we can keep our links with the University and reach out further into the community, I think we could grow a stronger club with even more depth and breadth of experience.   Back in Sheffield -  I did make it into the Yorkshire Second Team (in my second year of playing the game).  I only wish I had been introduced to the game as a school girl.

Favourite International cricketer and why:  Ollie Rae – because she is ours, young and talented; because she is determined, gentle in her approach, focused and generous, because she gives so much to the game already in developing other youngsters  Her ego does not get in the way and people matter to her. 

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: I am an Executive and Life Coach and Leadership consultant working with organisations and individuals. My work takes me mostly across UK with forays into Europe and sometimes Africa & Asia.  I want to build more of a Scottish client base so feel free to pass on my details ( to anyone who could benefit from my services!!  I love singing and am in a Choir called the Aw Blacks which will be performing in the Edinburgh Festival ; and I am currently having lessons to improve my French to support work I do for a global peace-building fellowship, Initiatives of Change.

Something a bit different about yourself:  I started my working life in sports development and Leisure Management.  I have been a coach, policy-maker, researcher, operational and strategic manager.  I moved on from this field of work because although I loved playing sport (hockey was my life-long game) I became more interested in developing the people – coaching leaders, facilitating teams and organisational development.  I prefer leaving the technical expertise to others and instead to support the people to know and understand themselves and others better to get the best out of everyone.  And the DIFFERENCE about me is that I draw on complexity science and theory to inform how I work with and develop others.  I am the only professional in Scotland applying the principles of Human Systems Dynamics (a pioneering field) to do this.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why:  I LOVE the sense of community; I LOVE how the men have welcomed in the women’s team and give us so much support; I LOVE that our team is led by young women with a passion for the game and with the insight to include anyone who wants to learn to play irrespective of age, ability and experience.  Such inclusivity enables different talents and contributions to come forth which works for the good of the whole and the individuals within it.  I hope I can bring more to the party in the future!

Chayank 'Cheeky' Gosain

Age:  17

Role in Cricket: Left arm spin bowler

Best performance: Bowling an economical spell in the Murgitroyd T20 final 2 years ago. It was my first year playing for the first team and I was quite nervous about playing a big final.

Best cricketing achievement to date: Qualifying for the U19 World Cup by finishing unbeaten in the tournament.

Cricketing aspirations: To represent the Scotland Senior Team

Favourite International cricketer and why:

Rahul Dravid - I have admired the way he bats and has managed to stay so consistent throughout his career.  He has also played for Scotland which is a bonus!

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket:  I currently attend Boroughmuir High School and I am in my final of year of study – next year I hope to spend a winter in Australia to further my cricketing career.

Tell us something a bit different about yourself: I was born in New Delhi, India, and moved to Scotland in 2005 when I was 9 years old.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: Teas. Anyone who has played for and against Carlton will know the heroic teas of Grange Loan.

Ruari Macpherson

A little bit about you:  My name is Ruari Macpherson, 17 years old & was born in Edinburgh on New Year’s day. At the age of one I moved to Stirling and lived there for nine years. I started playing cricket at the age of four, and would play all the time in the garden with my brother Kyle and my Dad. I played at Stirling County Cricket Club during my early years in the sport and I am grateful for the help Raymond Bond gave me.

Best Performance: 70 for Edinburgh against Durham in the Lords Taverners U15s Inner Cities competition. We won that match and qualified for a fantastic week long tournament in Sussex, being able to play at the prestigious, beautiful Arundel Cricket Ground.

Best cricketing achievement to dateMy best cricketing achievement to date was walking down the wicket to fast-bowler Daya Singh from Aberdeenshire and pumping him up the hill for three, I then finished 24* at the end which I was very happy with! Let’s hope Daya hasn’t signed up for the Carlton Newsletter.

Favourite international cricketer and why: My favourite International cricketer is Steve Smith, I love the positive way he plays his cricket with no fear. He is mentally strong and his 100s for Australia have been when the team have needed them most.

Cricket aspirations:  It would be great to play for the Scotland senior side in years to come and win more trophies with Carlton as well as travel the world playing cricket.

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket:  In my free time I love to listen to my tunes, have the odd round of golf with friends and play Fifa on my Xbox.

Tell us something different about yourself: Up until I was 8 years old I used to wear a headband! I have replaced that with my new cool headphones from the US.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: My favourite thing about Carlton CC are the people at the club. There is a real togetherness at Carlton that would not be found at many other clubs. I have made great cricketing mates at the club and I love coming down to Grange Loan.

Brad McKay

A little about yourself:  Brad McKay, age 36 (which is worth two second XI players!) and I'm from Canberra, Australia. I play for Carlton for the simple reason that it was the club closest to my first flat in Marchmont when I arrived in 2004. I went and had a look, thought it looked pretty nice, called Brian Forrester and was playing on the Saturday for the 3rds (as a batsman believe it or not).

Role in Cricket: Right arm medium pace bowler, getting slower each year. Ungainly yet effective in the field (most of the time). Batting needs a bit of work. My work in the score book is impeccable though.

Best performance: I took 6/37 in a grade match back in Australia but more pleasing was batting at number ten for 2 and a half hours for 27 runs in a grand final (although we ended up losing). In Scotland, I have taken 5 wickets a few times, but 3/15 off ten overs against Holy Cross in the last season was very pleasing. They were all bowlers’ wickets and helped win the game after setting a low target.

Best cricketing achievement to date: Being part of the all conquering 2nd XI that won the Division 2 title at the first attempt in 2007.

Cricketing aspirations: I would like to be Dave Carter and continue to churn out the overs as I get older. Winning another league title would also be an aim.

Favourite International cricketer and why:  My hero has always been Don Bradman (not that it ever translated into my batting) and playing for the Carlton 1st XI in Aberdeen where he played in 1948 was a huge thrill, although losing by 1 run took the gloss off the day, and made for a pretty long trip back. Into the 21st century, I would have paid good money to watch Brian Lara bat.

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: I'm the club's Treasurer so that takes up any spare time I have! I enjoy travelling (especially around Scotland), cycling and walking.

Something a bit different about yourself:  I speak Spanish to a decent level although I am a bit out of practice.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: The teas win hands down. And having Belhaven Best on tap ranks a pretty close second.

Olivia 'Ollie' Rae

Age: 25

Role in Cricket: All rounder

Best performance: Scoring 61 in my international debut against Japan for Scotland in 2013, picking up 2-12 with the ball - great to play a part in the team winning the game and being awarded player of the match. It is particularly memorable because I was really nervous prior to the game!

Best cricketing achievement to date: Playing for Scotland of course and being awarded a Full Blue for cricket performance from the University of Edinburgh.

Cricketing aspirations: To play for Scotland in a World Cup- preferably in both formats but I’m not picky!

Favourite International cricketer and why: Sachin Tendulkar- the length of his career and the way he has held himself under the pressure and expectations of being the most famous person in his country.

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: I work in the Cricket Scotland office and coach the Scotland u17’s Girls Team. I don’t have much time for anything else!

Something a bit different about yourself:  I am a big supporter of Sport for Development charities, using sport as a mechanism to tackle social problems across the world. 

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: The fact it is a gender inclusive club and has a great family atmosphere. This makes me very proud to be a member.

Ruari Shand

A little bit about you:  My name is Ruari Shand, I am 9 years old.  I play for Carlton because my big brothers (Gregor and Callum) play here and I have been dragged along to watch them for years.  It was very exciting for me when at last I could be a player and not a spectator.

Role in Cricket: I am in the Kwik Cricket Team – I am a fast bowler.

Best performance: In my first tournament last May I got two wickets in a row against Watsonians.

Best cricketing achievement to date:   Being selected for the Carlton Kwik Cricket Team.

Cricketing aspirations: I would like to play for England in their T20 team.

Favourite International cricketer and why:

Michael Carberry because he plays for the England and is really good!

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket:  I play rugby for Heriots and Football for Currie Star.  I also swim at Braidburn every week and go to climbing club at Alien Rock.

Tell us something a bit different about yourself: I am the tallest in my year at school.

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: I like playing in the Kwik Cricket Tournaments and I enjoy coming to the nets with my friends.  I like the home baking after training and the family barbeques.

Lily Steindl

A little bit about you: Lily Steindl, 16 years old and born in Edinburgh.

Role in Cricket: Bowler mostly

Best performance: Probably would be batting in the women's Scottish Cup final for Carlton CC, we ended up winning the game and I really loved being out in the middle, and for being someone who doesn't do great with the bat I was pretty pleased about how I batted! 

Best cricketing achievement to date:  Either winning the Scottish Cup, especially with a team that I genuinely enjoy playing with, it was just a great day! Or being able to play in the Scotland U-17s, all the girls are really talented and many of them have become my really close friends and playing in the set up is an honour.

Cricketing aspirations: I don't think I have any specific long term aspirations apart from just develop my game even further over the years and keep enjoying playing cricket! Also to have a great last season with the U-17's as I will be too old to play in the season after that.

Favourite International cricketer and why: Don't know if this counts because he is retired now but my favourite of all time since I was tiny is Ricky Ponting (Australia). I always just loved watching his determination and fight while playing. He had so much courage through his whole career and that is something I really looked up too as a young cricketer and even now! 

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket:  Currently doing my Highers in 5th year at school, just trying to stick in and pass all my exams this year! 

Something a bit different about yourself: I learnt the lyrics to lose yourself by Eminem when I was about ten years old, and dad made me promise I wouldn't tell mum!

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why:  I love Carlton, I’ve met so many amazing people as well as amazing cricketers, Helen as well as other members of the Women's team do such an amazing job to keep us all training and motivated through the season! They show real commitment to the team and I’m really thankful to them

Lisa Thomson

A little bit about you: I am Lisa Thomson, aged 14, and I started playing Kwik Cricket at Carlton in 2011. I enjoyed it so decided to try hard ball and ended up not being too bad at it.

Role in Cricket: In my opinion I am a right arm seam bowler but some of my coaches say I am a batter too.

Best performance: I think my best performance was when I was playing for the East Regional Development team and we played in a Cricket Scotland indoor tournament. I hit 7 sixes in the one match. I was amazed and really pleased as I don’t think I’m a batter. 

Best cricketing achievement to date:  Going on tour with the Scotland U17 Wildcats twice in the summer and also last year receiving the ‘best performance by a junior’ at Carlton are definitely two of my top cricketing achievements!

Cricketing aspirations: To continue playing for Scotland and possibly to become the captain of the Scottish Wildcats under 17’s, that would be such a privilege. Also to keep improving my game, trying to become an all-rounder, good at batting and fielding as well as bowling.

Favourite International cricketer and why: Gordon Drummond - he’s the only international cricketer I know! (He’s one of my coaches) I think his bowling is very good and I’d like to be able to bowl like him. 

What do you do when you aren't playing cricket: When I’m not playing cricket I am studying for school or playing basketball. 

Something a bit different about yourself: I’ve been selected to play basketball for Scotland U15 girls and I play for Polonia Phoenix basketball club. I am also in sports academy for Basketball and Cricket. I love my sport!!

Favourite thing about Carlton CC and why: I always feel welcome at Carlton anytime.  There are boys, girls, men and women teams and everyone is friendly and welcoming no matter how old you are. Through Carlton I have made some good friends and nobody thinks about the age differences.