Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

COVID Training

Carlton PerformanceSquad May20

Carlton CC COVID Training Guidelines


  • You MUST NOT attend training if you or any member of your household have COVID 19 symptoms.
  • The nets are only open if a COVID Facilitator is present.
  • Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).
  • Only local members should attend the club. As a guide, rather than a fixed limit, 5 miles from your home would be within your local area. NO guests are allowed.
  • Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible.
  • You must use your own equipment.
  • You must bring and only use your own ball.
  • You must leave straight after your session. You MUST not stay and socialise.
  • A first aid kit will be available from the COVID Facilitators if required.



  1. Club Sessions.
  2. Open Sessions.
  • Players can only book 1 Club, 1 Open and 1 Family (where applicable) session per week although they can book an additional session ON THE DAY if there are available slots.
  • You can book slots no more than 1 week in advance.
  • One person takes responsibility to book the net and MUST name ALL players who will be present in their net on the booking system.  COVID Facilitator to check names on arrival.
  • U18s who will not be accompanied by a parent or guardian must have parent/guardian permission to use nets.  This is done using the following form –
  • An emergency contact number for U18s MUST be included on booking form.
  • U12 squad players must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (who is NOT included in the max numbers allowed per session unless that adult is taking part in the session).
  • Players may arrive up to 45 mins before their allocated net session provided they go straight to their warm up / fielding area (yellow on map) and stay there until instructed to move to net area (red on map) by the COVID Facilitator.  Cricket activity must not start until a COVID Facilitator is present.  All personal kit should be kept with you when you move from area to area.
  • Players MUST arrive no later than 10 mins before allocated net time.
  • COVID Facilitator will communicate via Twitter ONLY if a session is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.  This will automatically appear on the club website.


  1. Club Sessions (Coloured times in timetable)
  • Club coaches will act as COVID Facilitators.  It should be noted that the role of the COVID Facilitators is to oversee and provide structure to the sessions.
  • There will be 3 net areas (red on map) and 3 warm up / fielding areas (yellow on map).
  • Net sessions are 1 hour.
  • Net sessions are for hardball players only; Junior (U12, U14, U16, Girls Hardball), Performance, Women and Senior.
  • Please only book a time in your designated group i.e. seniors must not book times in junior or performance designated sessions.  Parents or Guardians may take part in junior times but this will count as one of their weekly sessions.
  • A minimum of 3 and maximum 6 people per net (max 4 households).  Nets booked on the day can be used by a minimum of 2 people.


  1. Open Sessions
  • Times will also be provided when volunteer COVID Facilitators are available – this will be clear on the booking system.
  • COVID Facilitators will be club volunteers who are there to ensure guidelines are being followed.  They have no other role or duty.  Their word is final.
  • 2 net areas (red on map) and 2 warm up (yellow on map) areas will be available (Area/Net 1 and 2 on map).
  • Net sessions are 1 hour.
  • Net sessions are for hardball players only; Junior (U12, U14, U16) Girls Hardball), Performance, Women and Senior.
  • Max 8 people per net (max 4 households).