"Dr N L Stevenson's Northern Tour"

We were delighted to hear from a grandson of the legendary Dr N L Stevenson, Charles Patmore, who got in touch to forward a pdf copy of a book he had in his possession. The book, 'Dr N L Stevenson's Northern Tour', was published in 1927 and recounted the tale of a group of Carlton players and friends who toured the north of Scotland in early September led by 'NLS'.

Charles takes up the story of the book:

'Dr N.L. Stevenson's Northern Tour 1927' is a very slim hardback which tells a cheery tale of Carlton Club stalwarts on a cricketing jaunt in Perthshire in September 1927.

One of this book's attractions for me is that my grandfather, Norman Lang Stevenson, and two of my uncles are among at least six Carlton Club members who play in these 1927 matches. Another is the rather charming period tone of the story - the picnic, the evening party games and photos of some bewildering ladies' hats.

In some photos, there's a cross marked beside one person. I am reasonably sure that this must be Jack Traill, the Club's Secretary at the time, for it was his widow who gave us this book. I would guess that Jack Traill may have been the anonymous author.

In some photos, like the charabanc photo at the beginning, Norman Lang Stevenson can be quickly identified by his Highland bonnet - always an ardent Scottish patriot!

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