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Players v Parents


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Players v Parents 28/04/18

A glorious Edinburgh late-spring morning - overcast, the odd shower, 5 or 6 degrees - at Grange Loan saw a hardy group of almost 60 young players and their parents convene for the first Players v Parents Kwik cricket of the 2018 season.  After last season's corresponding event was eagerly scouted by the cream of IPL talent-spotters, could the quality of the new season's fixtures live up to sky-high expectations?

The sheer volume of young players and their nearly-but-not-quite-so-young parents who came along to play was fabulous to see - and meant that for the first time three pitches were in operation.  The format, as previously, saw two games played on each pitch - the first pitting the young players against the parents, and the second a mixed match with the players playing with their parents.

On Pitch 1

Players: Niven Peterson, Harry Happer, Ellie Tullis, Matthew Rae, Claude Winkler, Maira Ratnarajah,   Sam Ungless, Hugo Caldwell, Alasdair Mills

Parents: Gordon Peterson, Richard Happer, Gary Tullis, Jonny Rae, Sarah Winkler, Tham Ratnarajah, Richard Ungless, Hamish Caldwell, Charlie Mills  

Umpire: E. Hutchison


Players 236 v Parents 251; Parents win by 15 runs

Team Tullis/Rae/Happer/Peterson 231 v Team Ungless/Winkler/Caldwell/Mills/Ratnarajah 224; Team UWCMR win by 7 runs

On Pitch 2

Players: Robbie Murray, Oli Stones, Hector Murray, Ben Stronach, Blair MacKenzie, Sam Northridge, Fergus, Hamish & Agnes Foley

Parents Keith Murray, Paul Stones, Euan Murray, Charles Stronach, Ruari MacKenzie, Dave Northridge, Kelly & Jon Foley, the Foleys (Senior). 

Umpire: E. Keating


Parents 268 v Players 254; Parents win by 14 runs

Team Foley/H&E Murray/Mackenzie 239 v Team R&K Murray/Stones/Northridge/Stronach 290; Team MSNS win by 51 runs

On Pitch 3

Players: Finlay Thompson, Alex Buckley, Nathaniel MacDonald, Theo Griffin, Ruaidhri Vick, Cyrus Salman, James Robertson, Benji Risi, John Gill

Parents: Ian Thompson,   Henry Buckley, Parent MacDonald, Joe Griffin, Doug Vick, Rustam Salman, Gregor Shand, Domenic Risi, Brian Gill 

Umpire: G. Murray


Players 222 v Parents 283; Parents win by 61 runs

Team Salman/Thomson/Robertson/Shand/MacDonald/Risi 242 v Team Buckley/Griffin/Vick/Gill 247; Team BGVG win by 5 runs


To the relief of all concerned, rather than reporting in detail on each of the matches your correspondent will instead channel the current fad for bite-sized, instant gratification cricket and pick a few of the highlights from the day's play (at least one of which, coming at his expense, has been specifically requested for inclusion by a number of participants)

  • Really channeling the spirit of the event, a crushing 61-run victory by the Parents of Pitch 3 against the plucky Players; some short boundaries and ruthless hitting not helping the Players in that match - 15 boundaries scored by the Parents was just too much for them to come back from
  • The unusual sight, for Kwik cricket, of a short leg - poised to snaffle a catch on Pitch 1 with Charles on strike.  Regular viewers of the famed Stronach batting technique will have appreciated the equally unusual sight of Charles resisting the urge to regard the short leg as a handy target
  • The Foley grandparents effortlessly pinching half a dozen quick singles, as if that's the sort of thing they do every Sunday morning;
  • On Pitch 1, a second game which went down to the wire - the Tullis bowling axis looked to have it sewn up with three wickets in the penultimate set, but back came the Ratnarajahs with a flurry of boundaries - nearly but not quite enough
  • Some great bowling, particularly from the Players, using all that practice to their advantage to restrict the scores - scenes as an extraordinary seven wickets fell in the final two overs of one match, and Maira on Pitch 1 took a stand-out two for 2
  • Hector casually dispatching his dad's first ball of the match for a huge straight six
  • Keith's experiment - is it possible to hit the clock on the GL scoreboard with a Kwik-cricket ball struck from the pavilion? - resulting in a lost middle stump

A brilliant, fun event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all - it really is great to see how many young players are enjoying learning to play the game at Carlton, ably supported by enthusiastic parents!  Many thanks to Keith and Paul for organising the event and arranging the teams; Val and Heather for refreshments; Gav, Ewan, and Euan for umpiring with great distinction; and of course Bob and the members of the Carlton Positively 4th XI for agreeing to limit their extensive pre-match warm up to just the one hour, thereby freeing up Grange Loan for play.  But thanks most of all to all of the players who came along, and the parents who took part in such great spirit.

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